The Top 10 things Vegetarians and Vegans Are Sick of Hearing

We look at the top 10 things meat-eaters say that infuriate vegetarians and vegans…

We all know them – meat-eaters who think they know more about vegetarianism and veganism than actual vegetarians and vegans. Whether you only just stopped eating meat a week ago or you’ve never eaten meat, chances are you’ve experienced at least half of these annoying responses.

Preachy meat-eaters having a go at veggies and vegans for being preachy.

Okay, so here’s the thing, there are the odd few preachy vegans and trust us, they annoy the community as much as they annoy you. But don’t fight preaching by preaching yourself about eating meat.

“But, you must never eat any protein…”

This is such an ignorant assumption. Quorn is in fact a brilliant source of protein, as are lots of vegetables, dairy (if you’re vegetarian), nuts, fruit etc. And if you’re really struggling, you can even get vegan protein powder now.

“When we were cavemen, we’d eat meat. It’s natural, it’s called the circle of life.”

There’s also something called ‘evolution’. Yes, we ate meat when we were cavemen, mainly because we needed to in order to survive. Humans don’t need meat in their diet to live a healthy lifestyle, and there are so many alternatives available to us, we never struggle to find food.

“Your diet must be so boring.”

Quite the opposite, actually. Being veggie/vegan causes you to have to get more creative in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean it’s harder, it just means your food is tastier and you get to constantly try new things.

“Oh, you’ll never be able to get muscly.”

This comes back to that God damn protein argument. There are vegan body builders, vegan athletes, and they look no different to muscly meat-eaters.

“Do you think you’ll eat meat/fish/dairy again?”

Okay, so this is a fair question when someone has been veggie/vegan for only a week. The temptation to revert back to chicken burgers is still there. But after three years, it starts to get tedious. In fact, eating meat again after spending years without it has the risk of making you very ill, so it’s a much more dangerous diet conversion than the question suggests.

“Just you stopping eating meat won’t change anything.”

This is the kind of attitude that stops the world from moving forward. People can only do their bit, and they have to hope others do what they can too.

“Why do you eat fake meat/quorn then if you don’t want to eat meat?”

For a lot of veggies/vegans, it’s not the taste of meat we’re sick of, but the brutality that animals endure in order for us to have a meaty dinner. Linda McCartney sausages are the shit, they taste like real sausages, but even better. Who wouldn’t want that?

“Plants can feel pain so you’re doing the same thing, think about the plants.”

Most of the time, this is a joke (a rather unfunny one at that). But, sometimes people are being serious… Did science at school teach you nothing? Just stop.

“If we don’t eat meat, cows/chickens/pigs/sheep will take over the world.”

They really won’t. Most animals are bread for slaughter houses. No slaughter houses means no unhealthy, unkind and inhumane breeding.

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