The 5 Most Annoying Things About Having Anxiety

Anxiety is confusing, infuriating and almost never welcome, and here’s why…

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health conditions people currently face. In fact, AnxietyUK claims that “in a survey covering Great Britain, 1 in 6 adults had experienced some form of ‘neurotic health problem’ in the previous week“. But the ones who don’t suffer from regular anxiety perhaps don’t understand what every day life is like for those who do. So, here are five of the most annoying traits of the disorder.

It’s ridiculously unpredictable

You’re having a good week. You’re busy at work or with uni but you’re not feeling overwhelmed. You’re sleeping okay, your relationships and friendships are going smoothly, and for once you’re getting on with all your family. Then BOOM anxiety turns up. Your heart randomly starts beating harder and you have no clue why. Suddenly you’re struggling to sleep at night, even though you’re knackered. You’re convinced no one likes you. And why is all this happening? Not a clue.

It can affect your relationships

Whether it’s your romantic partner(s), your friends, your family, your flat mates, your work mates or anyone else you have in your life. Anxiety can stop you from socialising because the thought of going somewhere busy makes you feel nervous. Your anxiety convinces you that no one likes you so you’d rather watch Netflix with your cat – who you know will always love you as long as you give her food. It basically pushes you into a lonesome blanketed corner.


As mentioned earlier, sometimes anxiety screws up your sleep, which has a knock-on effect with the rest of your life. Sleep helps to recharge your batteries. In such a fast-paced society with enormous pressure in the workplace, in relationships, with your social media presence etc. it can be detrimental to your mental health if you’re missing out on sleep. But anxiety can keep you up for no apparent reason.

People without anxiety don’t always understand

“Why are you being so quiet? We’re only going to a bar”, “stop worrying, it’s not even a big deal” and “you’re so nervous all the time, just chill out” are phrases we anxious lot get a little sick of hearing. Unfortunately, anxiety can seep into everything and even when we know full well we’re worrying about something that doesn’t need to be worried about, we can’t control it. Learn to have patience with people and understand when they’re feeling a bit stressed. Telling someone with anxiety to take a chill pill just makes them feel even more isolated.

It’s part of who we are

Okay, so it’s pretty annoying that this is just something that happens to us and we have very little control, but sometimes we have to embrace it. People with anxiety are usually worriers and they’re generally nervous people. But that doesn’t make them bad. Anxiety is more annoying for the person experiencing it than their friend. Every single person on this planet is different, and as much as we try to control our anxiety, it’ll still find a way of popping up. But hey, that’s us. Our nervousness means we are that bit more proud of ourselves when we achieve something. Our constant feeling of something being wrong is occasionally right, so listen to us and don’t assume we’re always over-reacting. And we appreciate the people that understand us and help us to feel safe and relaxed immensely.

Anxiety can feel like doom and gloom a lot of the time. It can be exhausting to live with, it can be infuriating when it creeps up out of nowhere, but it’s part of who we are. If you experience anxiety yourself, don’t be embarrassed by it, it helps to shape you as a person. And if you know someone who suffers from anxiety, we aren’t “freaks” or “weirdos”, we just need a bit of patience and understanding sometimes.

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