I Blew My Wages on a 65 Inch TV and I Regret Nothing

Like I’m ever going to be able to retire and cash in a pension anyway.

This post is absolutely not encouraging ridiculous spending.

Millennials are the worst. We kill everything. We ruin everything. We’re just a bunch of snowflakes who find life too hard. Well, when we’re probably never going to get to retire, can’t afford a house and only apparently eat avocados, life does suck. We need to find some joy in life.

Millennials are always made to feel guilty. We’re guilty for leaving our parents and moving out, we’re guilty when we can’t afford to move out so we’re fucking up our parents’ desires for freedom (sorry guys, but you don’t get an 18 year contract and then are off the hook – if you think that’s the case then maybe don’t have kids; dogs have shorter lives and are generally more happy). We’re asked in interviews whether we’ll go the extra mile which is absolute code for ‘if you want this job you can never log off or turn your emails off and you have to respond within five minutes even if you’re getting messages at 11pm’. The only thing lower than our job security is our wages. We’re supposed to live to work and work to live, which means if we ever splash the cash then we’re just not being responsible. Don’t we know how hard our parents had it?

Well, fuck it.

I blew my wages (and it’s a very new job) to buy a 65 inch TV that has features I don’t even properly understand. I can rattle off every version of the queer acronym going but don’t get me to explain anything about the damn lighting the TV uses. All I know is that when I binge watch the proper version of Bake Off, the cakes are bigger than my already massive head and that’s all I want in life. That and a better job and some security. Burning through my wages probably isn’t going to help but this rebellion is more than justified for any millennial – particularly a disabled millennial.

“Burning through my wages probably isn’t going to help but this rebellion is more than justified for any millennial”

In the papers we often see outrage at how the working class spend their money, especially if they’re disabled. If we’re not being sensible and saving all of our meagre wages then it’s our own fault if we’re in poverty. It neglects the fact that wages have stagnated, inflation has gone up and most graduates can’t get jobs in the field they’re actually trained in. Why should we always be acting like pious Victorians? We can’t pull ourselves up by our bootstraps if austerity has robbed us of our fucking shoes. Sometimes, there just isn’t a way out and sometimes it is worth treating yourself.

Can the stigma of what millennials buy end? It really doesn’t matter what we pay for. Half of the time, we need technology for our jobs. We’re expected to have the latest design software, best cameras or laptops to bring into work rather than having them provided, especially if we are freelance (and therefore even less likely to have disposable income). Millennials can’t afford houses. Not because we’re buying avocados but because we’re broke and the price of houses is shocking. The property our parents bought at tens of thousands is now worth hundreds of thousands. That’s it. Game over. We just aren’t going to be able to afford it.

Millennials should be allowed to enjoy their lives. Their holidays snapped all over insta, the newest iPhone that doesn’t even work, and hell, even a massive TV. We only get one life, we may as well enjoy it. Retirement is a long way off and we might never get it anyway the rate the pension age is being raised.

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