REVIEW: Ant-Man and the Wasp

It’s the first MCU film since Infinity War, but does it offer us any answers?

No one really knew what to expect from the first Ant-Man film. A dude wearing a suit that can make him super small and control ants sounds ludicrous. But, somehow it worked. In fact it worked so well, that he turned up again in Civil War. 

However, fans were shocked and confused at his absence from Infinity War earlier this year. Well, now we know what he was up to; exploring the quantum realm with Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyme AKA Wasp.

The last time we saw Ant-Man AKA Scott Lang, he’d been kidnapped by Captain America’s squad and was essentially forced into helping Cap win his fight against Iron Man. That being said, he was pretty darn happy to be involved. But Hank Pym wasn’t so happy with his tech being used how it was, and so Scott agreed to destroy the suit.

Since then, Ant-Man hasn’t really changed. He has his own (legal) business, he’s proving himself as a great dad, he’s no longer in contact with Hank or Hope, and other than that he doesn’t have a lot going on. There’s no denying that Paul Rudd is a funny guy, and he’s made this character his own, but there doesn’t seem to be any progression. With every Marvel film, we see characters learn life lessons. Whether it’s Iron Man learning what really matters in life, or Thor learning that arrogance and war get you nowhere. Ant-Man however, doesn’t seem to have been on any kind of journey. These life lessons help superheroes become human to us. It helps us relate. Without that, there’s a disconnect between the audience and the superhero.

Having said that, Evangeline Lilly’s Hope van Dyme absolutely excels as Wasp. She’s absolutely badass, she’s an incredible fighter, her suit has wings so she doesn’t need to hop on a flying ant, and she offers a sense of emotional stability throughout the film. In fact the character is so awesome, she deserves her own movie.

Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyme absolutely excels as Wasp.

The villain is Ghost AKA Ava Starr, played by Hannah John-Kamen, and Marvel have yet again gone three dimensional. Her story is one of sadness, loneliness and frustration. Although her morals are off, there is a part of you that can’t help but feel sorry for her. But when comparing Ghost to the previous two villains (Thanos and Killmonger), she just doesn’t live up to the expectations.

This is generally the feeling that runs through the film. It’s entertaining, it has funny moments, it has heartfelt moments, and some great fight scenes. But it just doesn’t compare to the two MCU films that have been released this year so far. As this is the first to follow Infinty War, it almost feels like an anti-climax rather than a refreshing breather.

One of the biggest questions surrounding this film however, comes from the timeline. Will this be running at the same time as Infinity War? Will it be before, or will it be after? Well, this is answered in the post-credits scene, so make sure you stick around for that.

Overall, it’s certainly not the worst film of the year, but it may well be the most forgettable Marvel movie in years. The shining star throughout is Wasp, and the introduction of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Janet van Dyne is a lovely touch. Perhaps being given the tough job of following Infinity War was always going to be a curse, but it feels lacklustre, which is a shame having seen the potential Ant-Man has from the first instalment and Civil War.

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