People’s Vote march: Over half a million attend protest in London

An estimated 670,000 people gathered in London on Saturday 20th October in support of a ‘People’s Vote on Brexit’.

While many were there in attempt to stop Brexit once and for all, others called for a second referendum, or simply a final say in the Brexit negotiations.

It was the biggest Brexit march so far – and the second biggest of the 21st century, after the anti-Iraq war protests in 2003.

It was also the most diverse – previous anti-Brexit marches have seen young people criticised for not showing up, while the Remain campaign itself has been criticised by some for an overwhelming white middle class demographic.

This was not the case at the People’s Vote March. Led by students, the March saw people from all walks of life, every age and ethnicity.

One young man was even taking part on crutches, having torn the ligaments in his foot – “but I’m still marching”, he said.

The sheer size of the march was unexpected – many of the protesters were unable to attend the rally in Parliament Square, which saw speeches from London Mayor Sadiq Khan, representatives from every major party, as well as the National Union of Students, FFS, and many others.

Many people also lost access to social media, and people were still marching into Whitehall at four pm – when the rally was set to finish.

The People’s Vote Campaign marks a significant turn in the popular support against Brexit. It is clear that the current Brexit trajectory is most definitely not the ‘will of the people.’


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