Disabled people are always the first to be thrown under the bus

The people who deny that no-deal Brexit would be a disaster are ableists.

Talk of martial law, the army on standby and worries about riots. Just another week in the ongoing Brexit soap opera. This sort of chaos has become the norm, but it really shouldn’t be. These are the actions of a society on the brink of collapse, and it isn’t due to anything other than ignorance or bigotry.

There are those who claim that no deal is ‘Project Fear’, because anyone who points out evidence must be lying. But perhaps the most obnoxious part to the Brexit saga are those who shrug their shoulders at a no-deal Brexit. How bad can it be, right?

Unfortunately, disabled people are usually the ones thrown under the bus first whenever anyone scrambles to protect their own assets. Disabled people always featured at the bottom of the list of priorities. Brexit is following the same pattern.

“Disabled people always featured at the bottom of the list of priorities”

No deal Brexit would block off trade and access to vital goods – these include medicines. People have prescriptions they depend upon to stay alive. This might be that if they don’t get their medications their body will shut down, or if they don’t get them they will be in such a vulnerable or painful state that suicide becomes a very real risk. The public’s response? To shrug its shoulders because we survived the Blitz – while forgetting the point that not everybody did survive the Blitz.

Yet, some lives have always been expendable in the pursuit of Brexit. Migrants were tossed aside. The Leave vote was propelled by hostility toward migrants, and yet nobody asked the rest of us just how happy we were to live alongside gammons. Now it is the turn of disabled people to find themselves deemed surplus to requirements. Britain doesn’t need medication or staff to actually work in the NHS. No, the best will just survive!

The Leave vote has revealed a lot of ugly attitudes. This has been no surprise. Yet more lives are at risk because of the farcical vote, and Britain seems utterly unprepared to do anything about it.

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