Theresa May is one of the worst Prime Ministers we have ever had

Theresa May has failed. She must resign.

It’s quite something to say that Theresa May is one of the worst Prime Ministers we have ever had. In recent decades we’ve had Thatcher who started the mass privatisation of the UK and did nothing during the AIDS crisis while thousands of queer men died. We also had Tony Blair who entered into the Iraq War and war in Afghanistan and the impact was the destabalisation of the Middle East and paved the war for the rise of ISIS (or daesh). Yet, somehow Theresa May has managed to reach the very high bar they set for failure. She is without doubt one of the worst Prime Ministers the UK has ever had.

It’s a particularly staggering feat when you consider the fact that May has done almost nothing. She has achieved extremely little, and barely scraped through an election. She billed herself as the Brexit Prime Minister but then her deal failed twice in Parliament. The situation became so farcical and embarrassing that the government even ended up trying to get people to vote against their own motion (which passed). Her premiership can be defined by incompetence as she lurches from one crisis to another. There have been so many resignations that Theresa May has had to reappoint former Cabinet Ministers into her Government even after they had previously resigned for serious failings on their watch.

“It’s a particularly staggering feat when you consider the fact that May has done almost nothing”

The failure of Brexit was on the cards from the second May said “Brexit means Brexit” or when she called for a “red, white and blue Brexit”. The words were empty. She was simply trying to pander to Leavers in the Tory party – a tactic which sold out the UK from the start. Theresa May abandoned national interests to play party politics. She wanted the Conservatives to deliver Brexit. She wanted to beat Labour. The country was simply the chessboard for the Tories to play on. If Theresa May had been serious about ensuring that a Brexit deal would pass then she would have worked with all of the parties, asked them what type of Brexit they would vote for and then they would have worked together to get a deal. She did not. She simply turned to Conservatives who have been intent upon fighting with each other at every turn.

The UK has become a laughing stock across the world. Our Government makes Trump’s look stable – and he shut down the government deliberately. Ours has simply stopped working out of sheer incompetence. Theresa May has been openly defied by ministers but it’s hard to see how she can even sack them given how many have gone. Our Government has collapsed in all but name. Theresa May has been the cause, and our country is on the verge of calamity which MPs seem to want us to rush into. The answer to buy us all time is to start again. May must go. Her plans have failed, and the UK needs someone who will work in the national interest and not simply for their own ambitions.

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