Put it to the People: Anti-Brexit March hopes for over a million attendees

While Parliament voted this week to extend Article 50 until June at the latest, Anti-Brexit protesters are still not letting the negotiations continue without a fight.

A spokesperson for the People’s Vote UK declared after the extension vote on Friday 15 that:

“A People’s Vote is not just another option in this Brexit crisis – it is a solution to this crisis. When the real costs of Brexit are measured up against the broken promises made for it in 2016, we believe Parliament will have better opportunities to decide it is only fair and reasonable to give the public a real say on this crucial decision for our country.”

And the People’s Vote UK are determined to let people have that say. They have arranged a ‘Put it to the People’ march on March 23rd – the week before the UK is set to leave the EU on March 29th.Those in favour of the march are pushing for a high attendance – their aim is to get one million people descending on Westminster on the 23rd.

And among those supporters are names you might recognise – Jason Isaacs, Armando Ianucci and Sir Patrick Stewart to name a few.  Isaacs, Ianucci and Stewart have all sponsored coaches as well, to help bring as many people to the march as possible – including in areas that previously voted leave.

According to the People’s Vote website, more than 150 coaches have been booked to bring people from across the country to London, including from Sunderland, Chesterfield, Peterborough and Stoke, which all voted to leave in the 2016 referendum.

Cornwall, Wales, Cheshire and Lancashire, all leave voting areas, are also sending coaches, and some people’s vote supporters are even coming from as far as Inverness – a coach paid for by crowdfunding campaign by London remainers.

And according to the People’s Vote UK, the total number of sign-ups for the 23rd has already exceeded those for the last demonstration in October – which promises an impressive turnout: the last People’s Vote march on October 20th was one of the biggest protests London has ever seen, with hundreds of people not arriving in Parliament Square until after the end of the speeches due to sheer size of the march.

#StopBrexit retains an enduring relevance irrespective of the differences in strategy.

The Put it People march is also being support by other pro-Remain groups, such as young activist group Our Future Our Choice (OFOC), and Stop Brexit Ltd, who commissioned the rather memorable Brexit is a Monstrosity float in for the Tory Party Conference in 2017.

The Brexit is a Monstrosity Float at The 2017 Tory Party Conference

To those still left undecided on whether they should march or not, a spokesperson from Stop Brexit Ltd said:

“They should definitely come, it’s really important we are all represented, especially as leave can’t get more than 350 marchers.”

The spokesperson here was referring to Nigel Farage’s Leave Means Leave march from Sunderland to Westminster, which Farage has admitted he will not be walking the entirety of.

They continued: “Whether [a people’s vote], or Revoke or Stop Brexit, now is the time for all messages and campaigners to come together and show the real will of the people of this country.”

Another member of the Stop Brexit team added that:“

What unites us all is the underlying notion that we need to Stop Brexit. This is now clearly the overwhelming view across the country and #StopBrexit retains an enduring relevance irrespective of the differences in strategy. What we all want is very clear…”

If you yourself are still undecided, or simply want more information on the march, you can access the Put it to the People page here.


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