It’s okay to fall out with people over politics

You don’t have to put up with anyone’s hate.

In the UK, we’re hearing a lot about divisions right now. People keep saying how we need to build bridges and put aside our differences so we can unite as a nation. However, ‘both sides’ do not need to do this. The only people who need to make amends are those who continue to spread hatred, lies and try to create discord.

Easter can be a difficult time. Some families get together for the first time since Christmas. It can be fraught and it can be tense so Stand Up Magazine is here to say that it’s okay if you don’t want to associate with your family. It’s okay to be angry if they are bigots. It’s okay to still be upset if they voted for Leave. You can turn down the invitations. If you’re on a date and someone starts ranting about migrants or Star Wars then you are not rude for getting the hell out of there.

It’s part of self-care. You don’t need to put up with debates from people who refuse to engage with compassion or with respect for facts. You’re not being paid as a political tutor. You don’t have to open up your social media and educate people. You’re entitled to make your life a place of joy just as much as your home.

“You don’t need to put up with debates from people who refuse to engage with compassion or with respect for facts”

It’s not on you. The people to blame are the ones who spread lies about migrants with HIV, who tried to scare people about Turkey joining the EU, who supported Trump, and who have fought against people’s rights at every turn. The people doing the damage and creating division aren’t the ones who are asking for all people to be treated with respect and regard. The ones who need to reach out are the people who created this mess and continue to perpetuate it. Both sides aren’t accountable. One side is trying to drive out the other and they must be stopped.

You can judge a person by who their friends are. You get a glimpse into their soul about what they think is acceptable to have in their lives, and what they can overlook. Political differences are valid reasons not to form a friendship or to break off a relationship. Politics shape the world and our society. So, if you want to walk away from someone you just can’t agree with then don’t feel bad. It’s the right decision for you and that’s all that really matters.


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