F1 has lost all appeal – and it doesn’t even want to get it back

F1 doesn’t want to save itself

Even a new and exciting driver at Ferrari is struggling to make this season of F1 interesting. The sport may as well hand Lewis Hamilton the title now. F1 has ran out of steam. It’s no longer an exciting sport. It is just watching a parade.

This has long been warned. F1 has always had races of boredom and domination and it got worse under the Senna and Prost years, not better. Capitalism made the sport predictable. The richest teams win and that’s always been true. It’s why we have years of domination by a team, who only wane when the executives have had their fill of glory and want to spend money on other projects. The biggest decisions drivers have to make is which team will invest the most. An F1 race is about as exciting as watching the stock market. The one blip was Brawn but one surprise champion in over a decade is hardly worth sticking with the sport.

“The richest teams win and that’s always been true”

There have been attempts to solve this: grumbles of a budget gap have always been present but in the last ten years, the calls for that have actually lessened as the rich increase their stranglehold on the sport. Instead, we’ve had DRS to fix the problem of dirty air to help overtaking, which has totally sidestepped the fact that there would be more overtaking if the fastest cars weren’t a second ahead of the pack (at least). We’ve had changes to the points system which has done nothing to improve the quality. The rights to F1 have largely gone to channels viewers have to pay for so they are being priced out of even watching. None of this has helped the sport, and in some cases, it has actively made F1 worse.

F1 simply seems outdated. It is desperately trying to protect a failing capitalist model. Women have almost no chance to shine in motorsport unless they go to a category designed specifically for them to keep them away from racing and beating men. While climate concerns have gone up, F1 seems especially absurd given the hundreds of tyres wasted every year, partnerships with companies such as Shell and by the ridiculous travel schedule. F1 acts without care for those who wish to compete on equal terms, those who watch and those the sport shares the planet with.

This is why F1 is failing and it will not save itself. To be able to survive, F1 will have to address its own ideology and it simply refuses to do that. It will continue to die a slow death and we’ll all be left wondering why we ever tuned into races in the first place.


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