Worth watching: Knock Down the House

The new political documentary should be on everyone’s radar.

Knock Down the House is the latest political documentary on Netflix. Netflix has helped transform the world of documentaries and over the years, has particularly focused upon US politics whether that’s through activism or on the White House. The latest political documentary looks at those who ran in the latest house races when, most notably, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez (popularly known as AOC) was elected to Congress.

It is AOC who forms the main basis for this documentary – although other races are also focused upon. It’s a fantastic insight into what it takes to run in politics, and that isn’t always money. AOC won because she was dedicated, informed, knowledgeable and bold. Her incumbent opposition in comparison had money, but lacked desire, insight, new ideas and a real understanding of how the US was changing.

“AOC won because she was dedicated, informed, knowledgeable and bold”

It is a compelling and insightful look into the emerging face of the Democrats. AOC is just one of a new wave of Democrats who want to challenge the complacent narratives of the established voices. It does lack some detail and depth which can make it feel slightly light, but it is still worth watching.

Knock Down the House had a particularly timely release date. It came out in the week that Biden announced he was running for President, and while he might think he’s cool for being popular through memes, he quickly proved he represents the establishment by attacking millennials and claiming he didn’t have time to release details oh his health policy. For all the world, the US needs the Democrat nomination race to mirror that of the mid-term House races. The established guy with the big donors and vague policy plans should not win. The candidate who is thorough, knowledgeable and daring should win again. It was poignant and significant that it was Elizabeth Warren who wrote on AOC’s first year for TIME‘s 100 influential people list. Knock Down the House reflected the hope and ambition that politics can deliver at a time when it has been taken over by capitalists and cynics. Let’s just hope the mid-terms weren’t an anomaly but were the start of a movement for change.


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