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Inside issue 1 we have exclusive interviews interviews with viral Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca, Lord Bilimoria and legendary musician Boff Whalley. You can order our print version of our very first issue for £4.50 here. Duca urges people to join the resistance. There’s reaction from the 2017 General Election as the Stand Up team stayed up all night to dissect the results and what they would mean for the UK. There are articles examining how diverse Netflix really is, how the One Love Manchester concert brought the country together, the students bringing change in Mexico and why animal activism should not be forgotten as we protest for change.



Issue 2 is a digital release only and can be downloaded here. The second issue has an exclusive interview with viral podcaster Shaun Lau, co-creator of No! Totally, as well as featuring the stunning I’m Tried project which captures the damage of entrenched prejudices in society. Stand Up also examines the power of fandoms, what millennials are really like despite the media smears and speaks to a young volunteer who is supporting refugees in Europe while global political powers look the other way. Inside, we show how all young people can try to make a difference. The election showed the political establishment must listen to young people.



You can also order our badges to show your support for the EU, queer rights and bi pride here! Coming to Stand Up will be badges in support of trans, pansexual/romatic, asexual and aromantic rights too!